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Golden soul child.When you can’t find peace around you, sometimes you just have to look up. 

Golden soul child.When you can’t find peace around you, sometimes you just have to look up. 

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"I became lost in a bureaucracy of a system I wasn’t designed for
An existence of pass and fail
Passed like bread at the last supper
Of sit down and listen
Of being judged by how well I could take a test
As though the diversity of a mind can be standardized…I am survivor
Struggling to graduate without debt
Yet companies get bailouts while every day we are bankrupted
Wondering if the job market will laugh at my CUNY education
Because affording NYU would mean selling everything my family owns”
Those are just some of the concerns I’m sure many of us share. Help me raise awareness on drop out rates and the educational system by voting for me in a spoken word contest judged by Russell Simmons. Click the link to vote, once you vote they’ll send you a confirmation email that you have to verify. Thanks so much for your time and vote.



Fear finds a home
Your mind is a bundle of nerves and anxiety
Takes out a 5 year mortgage on your lungs
Your breaths become down payments
Struggling to produce what your body can afford
Fear will declare you as a tumor, a foreign body to be isolated and destroyed
Anxiety will be an arranged marriage,
A stranger you learn to love…eventually
One day you’ll realize you only learned to hate yourself

The critical moment before you start hitting up guys you used to talk to. Then you remember why you stopped talking to them. Then you realize that being alone isn’t the worst thing that could happen. You could be in the shittiest relationship of your life.

Rantings of a single girl: Not ready to mingle

Things that I will not do:
1.Have sex with you
2. Let you disrespect me
3. Be another option for you
4. Hold on to you because
a. Fear of being alone
b. Daddy Issues
c. Attention
5. Let you pressure me into a situation because my values, promises to myself, and decisions are inconvenient.
6. The word love doesn’t mean shit. I love cookies and what has that done for me
7. Chase you. Oh no honey, I don’t even like to run.

Things I will do:
1. Wait
2. Make decisions from a place of strength not weakness because relationships do not magically fill up holes that have been in your life for years
3. Love someone who deserves my love and never let them go
4. Love myself first: We are mirrors we reflect the love we get. You won’t know what love feels like until then.
5. Be the type of girl worthy for the right guy

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Press play yo like and share ✌️😊 Click link in bio to watch.
Combines art, fashion, culture and music #africanfashion #african #nigerian #nigeriangirlskillingit #ankara #art #graffiti #spokenword #spokenwordartist #poet #poetry #blackgirlmagic #watch #like #suscribe #youtube #music #singing #share #doubletap #africandiaspora #culture


Shout out to all my gal African dancers slaying it ~

African Diaspora

Combines fashion, art,culture and music

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Throwback Apollo Stage Performance

Urban Word Grand Slam Finals

Poem: ” I Am Legend”

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African Diaspora
Soré Agbaje

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Dear daughter of a boulder
You have made yourself poet thinking you can move him
He is not a rolling stone
He’ll always be there to remind you there is something to be loved


Hustle and bustle
Like clockwork
Hands tired from all that ticking
Queens to Brooklyn commuting
Bodies full of stories
Clanging like cymbals
Motionless to the tune of MTA announcements
Heavy metal on train track
The way girls do at a Justin Beiber concert
Plastic bags rustle like maracas
Heels kiss the sidewalk
That click clacking bachatta music
Feet do the shuffle to distant sounds of part time preachers
“Spitting their lyrics like:
Jesus loves you”
Voice from boom box like
“Stand clear of the closing doors please”
My city, a Jazz song
Pounding pavements like Piano Keys
My city, a conductor
To a symphony of car honks and crying babies
Keys jangling, aching to be home again
Pennies humbled to the ground
And somewhere a homeless man is humming
Don’t you see how my city sings for you?
How can you hear all this music and not dance?
Not want to grab somebody and be beautiful together
Minds will break bread together
You be the deep conditioner to these thoughts
Breaking combs like they’re monotony
Let your body recite poetry
Your heart will snap not beat
My city cypher
Free styling to the beat-box of hearts synchronized
circle of voices
A choirs melting pot
My city, melodious
My city, mellifluous
My city
My city